Thursday, March 17, 2011

Happy Birthday to Maximo and Rosie !

Happy Birthday to the best Dog Models in the world!
Maximo is modeling great..Rosie looks annoyed.
She probably was, I wouldn't let her play with her new woobie yet,
 and then the battery in the camera died.
So They had to sit there for about 2 minutes.

Okay, She is modeling now..This is her "Sexy Face".  LOL

Now Maximo has to do his "Sexy Face" too! 

The Cake
Dog bone shaped with yogurt frosting.
A 3 for Maximo and a 2 Rosie

The Presents!
New Woobies, new balls, Chew bones and Favorite treats!

Now we finally get to play with the new Woobies!
I cannot buy woobies with squeakers, Rosie tries to swallow the squeakers,
 so I usually make them, But these were so bright and cute..and no squeakers.

Woobie Fight!
Yep, just like kids they wanted the same woobie,
 a fight broke out, and of course, Rosie won.
Maximo always gives in to Rosie.

If you would like a Sparkle Cupcake hat for your Pooch
 here is the color choices and the Link

The Little Cupcake applique I got from "Crochet Spot"
it is a free crochet pattern, here is that Link

Thanks for sharing
Maximo and Rosie's
Birthday party!


Unknown said...

too cute.. :) I love all the doggie treats they both look so cute.. My Foxy is red too but long haired and much heavier...we just put her on a diet. :) Now my Chloee loves her "bo bo" that is what we call it...she loves to play tug -o-war... cute outfits.. cute blog.. Debb

Posh Pooch Designs said...
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Posh Pooch Designs said...

Thanks Debb, Come by any time.