Friday, March 18, 2011

We Are Famous - We made the "What Not to Crochet" Blog!

Yes, We are Famous...
We did make the
 What Not to Crochet Blog!
Please , do go check it out!

Maximo modeling the Sponge Bob Hat

 I was up set at first. It sort of made me mad,
not the article but the comments. 
  Not everyone understands what I do or why I do it.
But everyone has a right to their opinion,
 and my dog hats are really cute!

Plus it is free advertising!

I really enjoy the "What not to Crochet" blog. It is fun and entertaining.
I am not mad or up set at them, it really just makes me giggle. 

Angry Birds Dog Hats ( white and blue are available too)

The Truth is, some of my Dog Hat designs are silly.
 They are made to be.
Many are bought as photography props and for family pictures.
The fact that they are warm, is a extra plus.
And all of them are custom made to fit your pooch.

The Cupcake Dog Hat is one of my best selling hats!
This hat is purchased so much, for Birthdays of course!

Now About my dogs!

Both Maximo and Rosie are well treated, spoiled 
and well trained Dog models.
From the time I got them , I have taught them to
model by word commands. 
 You know  "Sit"  "Stay"  "Come" , then they learned,
 "Down " and "Up", then "head down" ,
 "head up" and "turn".
All I have to  say is  "time to model"
and they jump up or stop
 what they are doing and run to me. 
They love it!  And they are rewarded
with"dog Cookies".
Now, About them looking sad!

You know Dogs cannot smile.
They show thier happiness by wagging thier tails.
I cannot capture that in a still photo.

Crochet Pattern Mouse and Duck

Believe Me they are
Happy Dogs!

The Bunny Dog Hat is another example of a Photo prop or Family pic prop.
Wouldn't this look great on your dog sitting in front of a Easter basket
or  next to a child in thier Easter Sunday Clothes.

Now These are just a few examples of my Designs.
Please head over to my Artfire store
and see all the other hats, Sweaters, Crochet patterns
and other items I design for pooches.

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