Monday, March 14, 2011

Shamrock Dog Collar Crochet pattern

Maximo is modeling The Shamrock  Dog Collar
I haven't done a collar pattern in a 
couple of weeks, so
 I thought I should design one since it is 
close to St. Patrick's Day.
This is really different style and 
I think would be great in any colors, for any Holiday.
Just change the Shamrock to a flower, heart, or star.
or any applique, button or bow.

See The Video on my Youtube Channel
 at This LINK
Shamrock Dog collar Crochet Pattern By Sara Sach
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Skill: Easy

Yarn: Worsted Weight -sage green orange and dk. Green
Hook : H
Yarn needle
2 3/4 inch D rings


Chain (ch)
Single Crochet (sc)
Slip Stitch (sl st)

R : 1 - Ch 50, in the second ch from the hook, sc,
 in the next 19 chs, 3 sc in the next ch, 28 sc, ch1, turn

R : 2 - 29 sc, 3 sc in next st, 21 sc, ch1, turn

R : 3 - 22 sc, 3 sc in next st, 22 sc, ch1 turn

R : 4 - 23 sc, e sc in the next st, 23 sc, ch1 turn

R : 5 - 24 sc, 3 sc in next st, 24 sc ch1, turn

R : 6 - 25, sc, 3 sc in the next st, 25 sc,

R : 7 - change to orange yarn, ch 1, turn, 26sc, 3 sc in the next st, 26 sc, turn up the side of the collar and evenly space 5 sc, 9 sc across bottom of strap, 3 sc up the end of the strap, then turn and sc across the top of the collar, skipping the center stitch, continue across to the end, 8 sc down the side of the collar, join, tie off and weave in the end.

(You should have one row of orange sc completely around the the whole collar.)
Place the two D rings on the end of the collar and sew in place with matching yarn,
 then lace the end of the strap through the two rings securely.

Shamrock Applique:
R : 1 - ch3, 8 sc in the 2nd ch from the hook, join in a circle, ch1

R : 2 - With Dk. Green yarn, *1sc in the first st, 4 dc in the next st,
* repeat 3 more times, ch 6, then turn and sl at back up the ch, for the stem.
Sew on Collar with matching yarn.

Video For The Shamrock/ Clover Applique is on my Youtube At This LINK

Rosie is sticking out her tongue.  LOL!
But she does like the new shamrock Dog collar.
I think she was licking her lips in anticipation of a dog treat.

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