Sunday, March 27, 2011

Oklahoma IS Beautiful!

Here in Oklahoma we do not have the majestic mountains of Colorado or South Dakota. We do not have the sandy beaches of the coastal States. Nor do we have the Great Trees of Washington State or Utah, but what we do have is the Colorful, Beautiful and even sometimes ugly Red Bud Trees indigenous to our State.

We visited our grandchildren today. It is a little over 100 miles from our house
 to theirs. We,of course took our Chihuahuas,
Maximo and Rosie with us. The day was fun and way to short.
And so we headed home. Rosie sometimes has a sick tummy in the car,
 so we waited till we got home to give them their 2nd meal.

It didn't matter Rosie got sick anyway, (gross,) so we had to pull over
 and clean it up. As I was returning from the rest stop bathroom,
 I looked up across the street. I saw the most beautiful thing.
 Amid the trees that were still dormant from the
 long cold winter, were gorgeous Redbud trees in full bloom.

Most of the year this tree is scraggly, crooked and bent by the winds that whip
 across our flat state. Most of the other trees around them were still not awaken,
 only small amounts of little buds, barely making their appearance, could be
seen on a few trees around them.

The Tree is called a Redbud, because although the flowers are usually pink,
The buds themselves appear to be deep red. The shades of the pink. vary from darker
 shades of pink to very light shades of pink. probably determined by the nutrients in the soil.

After, Rosie's little mess was cleaned up and I returned to the car, and we were driving down
the road, I continued to see many , many more Redbuds along the side of the highway. I tried to
count them but after about 100 in a mile I stopped and just sat mesmerized by the beauty.


Sharon Marie said...

We lived in Muskogee for a while and I loved the trees in the fall. Seems like there were more colors than any place else that I've lived. Sorry about your little one getting sick. Mine don't go in the car very often and when they do, they just know it's to go to the vets for allergy shots. We do stop at the pet store on our way home though for a special "goodie."

Becca @Becca's Perspective said...

Returning the Blog Love. I’m following you back now!

Becca's Perspective