Monday, April 11, 2011

Oklahoma Vs. Colorado

My husband loves
 the mountains
 and I love the beach. 
 So we live in Oklahoma
 were there is neither.

This has always been a joke 
between my husband
and I, as to why we live
 in Oklahoma,
But the real reason is 
because our family lives here.

But it looks like we will be relocating to
 Denver, Colorado.

It is going to be hard.
....not the move.
...the leaving.

My sister, Mom and me
I will be leaving my sister and my mom.

I will be leaving my Grandkids, Daughter and Son-in-law.

I will also be leaving
 my church Family At Eastland Baptist Church

I became a part of this church 40 years ago,
 as a child, I and my sisters began to ride the church bus to Sunday school.
My Mother, came to church , when the new Pastor came.
His name was Dave Hardy.
We began attending every Sunday Morning , Sunday night and wed.
And became very active at the church,
Which wasn't easy for a single mother of 4 girls, in those days.

I grew up at Eastland Baptist church, I learned about the Lord,
 I  learned about standards,  missions and tithing
and  The King James Bible..
When I was 15, the youth director's wife, lead me to the Lord..
 I was baptized in the "old green auditorium".

 I married a Christian man, my husband being the USAF
we traveled a lot, always went to good churches,
 but never one like EASTLAND.

Upon retiring from the USAF we decided to settle
 back in Oklahoma, because of the my family, yes, 
 But, also because of  the church.

My daughter was married at this church, in the Blue Auditorium, 
and I have seen several of my nieces and nephews saved and baptized
here, as well.  So alot of my heart is here.

 A Pastor preached a sermon once, that was titled,
 "Sometimes God Asks us to do hard things."

I Love my Church..
And Leaving is a "hard thing!"

And to answer the Question, "Is this God's Will".
Yes, It is God's will for me to be were my husband is.

Colorado...Here we come,
Are you ready for us!

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Doffiedee said...

Sara, I am excited about your new adventure. I am certain you will make a good impression for God wherever you are. I know leaving is hard, but you'll make new and close friends quickly because you are so easy to be around. Since you'll be living in the mountains (Keith's love), then you will have to schedule plenty of RV trips south to the beach!