Wednesday, July 16, 2014

A Cross For Momma's Bible

A Year Ago Today, My Precious Momma 
moved from Earth, to her Heavenly home.
I  miss her so much, her voice, her laugh, 
and her hugs and smiles.
Yesterday while dusting, I came across her Bible.
No one loved the Bible  more then my Momma.
 It is all underlined and the margins are full of notes.
her hand writing is a little messy,
and looks a lot like mine. 
I say her Bible, 
But she had quite a few through the years, 
She would read them until they fell apart, 
then she would tuck them in a drawer 
and get another one.

As I run my hand across the pages, 
outlining the verses she marked, with my finger, 
I close my eyes and listen, I can hear to her voice,
 reading the some of her favorite passages out loud.

Psalm 37:4(KJV)

Delight thyself also in the Lord
and he shall give thee the 
desires of thine heart."

She would Say, 
" This Bible is God's love letter to his children."

I decided to make Cross Book mark to put
 in Momma's Bible.
This is were I got the pattern:
I used Cotton Yarn and a F hook
The pattern can be made 
with any yarn or thread.

I Love that the pattern is worked in 1 piece,
working around the ends,
instead of adding each end.
Not so many ends to weave in.

I added the little pink rose, 
as pink was her favorite color.

It made me feel better to read her
Bible and make 
the bookmark to put in the Bible.

I'll See you when I get to heaven,
and yours better be the first face I see."

I Love you.

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Katherine Frias said...

I loved reading about your love for your mother and her love for the Bible. I'm sorry that she's gone from earth so you can't see or talk to her but knowing she's in heaven where you will meet again is beautiful. Thank you for the pattern. It will look beautiful in my Bible.