Thursday, July 3, 2014

Pet Beds and Mats Collection of Crochet Patterns

Pet Beds and Mats Crochet Pattern Collection
By Sara Sach of
Posh Pooch Designs

It seems like lately, I have had a lot 
of requests for dog mats, beds and blankets.

These mats are great for any pet, 
and even humans!

I have compiled a list of a few for you to try to make.
Some are super simple and some are a little more 
complicated. Hopefully there will be something for 
every level of crocheter.

I do have another way to make a 
Dog mat or bed that is not crochet, 
and super easy and fast to put together.
Our Dogs are a part of our family and 
deserve to have nice comfortable 
place to rest.

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