Tuesday, July 15, 2014

How To Add A Lace Ruffle Yarn To A Tank Top

Isn't This Gorgeous.
It is really easy to to do.

Here is a Picture tutorial 
on How I did it.

OH, It only took me about
 30 minutes to do!
Please,Add This Crochet Pattern to Your
Ravelry Favorites. 
All you need To add a 
Lace Ruffle to a tank top is:
A Tank Top
Lace Ruffle yarn
Worsted Weight yarn to match
A Crochet hook (H)
And a yarn needle
 Step 1 : Thread the yarn on the needle,
and blanket stitch loosely around the neck of the T-shirt.
Each Stitch should be about a 1/2 inch.
If you don't know how to blanket stitch here is link to help you:
How to Blanket Stitch

 Lay out your lace Ruffle yarn, so it is easier to work with.
 You will be working on the side next to the hook.

Step 2: Adding the lace Ruffle Yarn.

 If you want more ruffle, then add more loops on your hook,
 if you want less ruffle then add less loops on your hook.

Some of the T-Shirts I have made, I have added less ruffles on the back of the shirt
 and more ruffles on the front of the shirt.
When you reach the end, over lap your ruffle yarns and
 tie off with a knot, making sure the knot if under the ruffle.
You can also sew a few stitches to make sure
 your knot does not come undone.

It would also look really pretty to add a 
row of ruffle on the hem of the T-shirt.

Just remember to place your Blanket Stitches loosely 
so it will still have a little stretch.

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