Saturday, July 26, 2014

Dog Sweater Crochet patterns For Medium to Large Dogs

I get requests for medium to large size 
dog sweater crochet patterns 
almost everyday.

I have a few crochet patterns that are made to fit
 medium to Large size Dogs.
I have a long list of more, 
designs but this is what I have so far.

All four These patterns will work for
any Size Dog.
 They are based on measurements, 
not Stitch counts.
There is a picture and instructions 
on how to measure your dog, 
and make the sweater according
 to your dogs measurements.

If you are looking for a custom 
made dog sweater.
I can make you any sweater I have, 
for any size dog.

teeny tiny to extra large
I Love Custom orders!
Custom orders in my 
Etsy shop
Just contact me for quote.
Medium and Large Dog Deserve to be Warm
 and look Good Doing it.

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