Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Keppi Yarn Hat Kit - Product Review And A Free Pattern

So I am Walking through Hobby Lobby 
with my arms full of yarn, 
and I look up and see a row of this interesting yarn.
It is made by Lion Brand Yarn
My Hobby Lobby had 5 different ball colors.
I purchased " Little Boy Blue".
The Wrapper says
"one ball makes a Hat from Baby to adult size".

So I just had to try it out.
(I used the 40% off one item coupon, yay!)
Please, Add This Crochet Pattern to Your
Well, I didn't realize that the fluff on top was
 a huge fluffy pom pom, until I took off the wrapper.
Then I read the wrapper, 
"2.3 oz. That is really gonna 
cut it close for a  hat of any kind.
I looked at the free pattern on the wrapper,
 as well as, the ones on line.
Not enough yarn.

And After MUCH "Frogging"...
I decided to  design my own Pattern.
I liked the yarns used in the ball, 
and the big pom pom is cute,
but I think it really needs about 
1 1/2  more ozs. of yarn
on each ball to make the
 price worth buying the kit.

Pattern: Keppi Bucket Hat -

Skill- Easy 

1 Ball keppi Yarn - The pattern uses the entire ball of yarn.
Hook - I

Stitches - 
Chain ( ch)
Single Crochet  (sc)
Double Crochet ( dc)
Puff Stitch - (Pf St)

Gauge - 3 dc = 1 inch 

Note -  Ch 3 at the end of rows counts as a stitch unless otherwise stated.

My ball of yarn started with the fringe section, I cut that off 
and saved it to the last, as I didn't want to begin with that section of yarn.

R : 1 - Ch 2, 10 dc in the 2nd ch from the hook, join with a sl st, ch3 ( 10 dc)

R : 2 - 1 dc in the next dc, 2 dc in each dc around, join, ch 3 ( 20 dc)

R : 3 - 1 dc in the next dc, 2 dc in each dc around, join, ch 3 ( 40 dc)

R : 4 -  1 dc in the next 2dc, *2 dc in the next dc, 1 dc in the next 2dc*, 
Repeat from * to * around, ch 3 (53 dc)

R : 5 -  Working  in the FRONT loops only of R: 4,  
sc in each dc around, join, ch1( 53 sc)

R : 6 -Working in the BACK Loops of R : 5, 
ch 3, 1 dc in each dc around, join, ch 3( 53 dc)

R : 7 - Ch 3, 1 Pf St in the 1st dc, ch2, sk the next 2 dc, 
* 1 Pf St in the next dc, ch2, sk the next 3 dc* Repeat around row,
join to the top of the 1st PF St, ch1

R : 8 - Sl St into the 1st ch 2 space, 1 Pf St in the 1st ch2 space, 
and in each Ch 2 space around, join, ch 1

R : 9 - Repeat R : 8

R : 10 - 1 sc in the top of the 1st Puff st, 2 sc in the next ch2 space, 
Repeat around, join and ch 1( 53 sc)

R :11 - 1 sc in each sc, join, ch 1(53 sc)

R : 12 - Repeat R : 11(53 sc)

R : 13 - 1 dc in the 1 st, 2 dc in the next st, Repeat around,
 join, ch 1(79 dc)

R : 14 - 1 sc in each st around, join, ch1 (79sc)

Here is where I added the Fringe section of yarn back on.
R : 15 - 1sl st in each sc around, join, and tie off.
The Pom pom has a long string to tie the pom pom on the top of the hat. 
It is a little heavy, so I added a few extra stitches
 and sewed the pom pom on securely.

Like I said, I really like the quality of the yarn, the fun pom pom,
 and had fun coming up with a fun design.
However,  I really think a ounce or 2  more of yarn 
would make the ball more usable.
 If you run out of yarn, you have to buy another full kit, 
and then you have an extra pom pom you don't need.
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