Thursday, July 10, 2014

Zeke and Zane - Snappy Tot's Wiggly Giggly Bugs Parker

I had so much fun yesterday, 
placing Snappy Tot's 
Wiggly Giggly Bugs everywhere I went,
 I wanted to share it with you.

I bet you wonder what I am talking about?

You can check it out here on her blog

So I made up some Wiggly giggly Bud
in green and teal,
because I like those 2 colors.
 And I headed out for my day.
The First thing I did was pick up my Gym buddy,
 and try to scare her with the bugs.
She loved them and called them
Zeke and Zane.
She enjoyed helping get pics
of the bugs everywhere we left them.
So after the gym, we headed to the
 Food bank where we help out.
It was lots of fun to let the kids play with the bugs.
(the pic on the left  is my youngest grand daughter)
 Then I headed home for a few moments
 of rest before heading out again.

 Zeke or Zane, Resting. 
We never figured out who was who.
I introduced Zeke and Zane to Maximo and Rosie,
They were not impressed.

 Then Hubby took me out for quick bite to eat.

Went to Wednesday Evening Bible Study.
Then headed home.
I don't know about Zeke and Zane,
But I was plumb tuckered out.
But it was so much Fun!!!!

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