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Cross Over Striped Cowl Crochet Pattern

The Cross Over Striped Cowl
Crochet Pattern By Sara Sach of

This is the last Pattern in my Colorado Strong 
Series of Crochet Patterns.
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The Beauty of this Cowl is that it is 
easy to make in any yarns and colors.
This Cowl is bulky and warm, 
and perfect for the coming cold months.
Depending on the yarn, colors and buttons, 
you get a completely different look.
The Cowl measures about 36 inches around,
but You can even make it longer if you like.

The Cross Over Striped Cowl Pattern
is now available in a PDF File Download 
for $2.50 in my Ravelry Shop

Cross Over Striped Cowl Crochet pattern
 By Sara Sach
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Size ; 36 inches around, 6 inches deep

Skill: Easy

Materials -
Hook- K
Yarn - Super Bulky ( 6) 8 oz.
I used :
Home Town USA on the White and Blue
2 strands of  Worsted Weight (4) On the Fall Stripes Cowl
1 or 2 Large Buttons  - for decorative purposes only.

Chain ( ch)
Single Crochet Foundation ( scf)
Single Crochet ( sc)
 Double Crochet ( dc)
Triple Crochet (tr)

4 dc =1 inch

R: 1 - 100 scf, join in a circle, ch 3 ( does not count as a st)
if you do not know how here is a easy video to show you:
Optional start - ch 100, join in a circle,
 1 sc in each ch around, join, ch 3

If you want your cowl longer, add chs in multiples of 4.

R : 2 Skip the 1st sc, 1 dc in the next 3 sc,
cross back and tr in the skipped st,
*2 Skip the next sc, 1 dc in the next 3 sc,
cross back and tr in the skipped st*
Repeat from * to *  around, join by slst in
the 2nd ch, ch 1 ( 25 crossover sets)

R : 3 -1 sc in each st, join, ch 3 ( 100sc)

R: 4-14  - Repeat R : 2 and 3, alternating each row.
 Tie off and weave in your ends.

If you want a thicker cowl, add more rows alternating R : 2 and R : 3

Band -
Ch 27, join in a circle, ch1, turn
R : 1 - 1 sc in each sc, join, ch 1, turn (26sc)
R : 2 -8  - Repeat R: 1

Wrap the band around the Cowl, and slst closed.
Add some fun buttons or pins.
Feel Free to post your pics 
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