Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Ruffles, Ruffles and More Ruffles Crochet Patterns - Tuesday Treasury of Crochet Patterns Features Ruffles!

I love Ruffles.
I Love to wear them.
I love to crochet them.

I have put together in my
Tuesday  Treasury of 
Patterns LOTS of  Ruffles!
Ruffles  for All -
People and Pooches.
Cats can wear these Dog Items Too!

These are all
Expect the knit.
The Video is By 
Red Heart yarns

Video By Red Heart yarns

I Love To Crochet Ruffles, 
I Love to Knit ruffles, 
and I even love to sew ruffles.
It would be a much happier World,
 if everyone wore Ruffles everyday.
I mean, everyone at the 
circus wears ruffles.
and, although I find 
clowns to be creepy,

We love them because 
the ruffle collar makes them 
seem cheerful and fun!

Did you know that the
 1st week of August is 
National Clown Week?

I missed it this year, 
But there is always next year!
So Get Clowning around and
make you or someone else some

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