Saturday, September 13, 2014

Yarn! Yarn! Yarn! Glorious Yarn! And Sweden.

My Husband Went on a Business 
Trip To Stockholm, Sweden.
The 2nd Day he was there, he called me all excited.
"I found a Yarn ( Garn in Swedish) Shop." he said.
I am going to go inside and see what I can find you.

I think the test of true love is if your Hubby is willing to
 go into a yarn shop and pick some yarn out for you.

The Shop He went to is 
This is their Blog
I realize it is all in Swedish, but I used Google translate.
And this is the yarn he picked out.
I was very impressed with his choices.
he said if he had more room in his suitcase, 
he would have gotten me more.

He also purchased this Book for me.
It has Ami Dogs, little clothes, bowls, toys
 and a dog house to make a complete play set.

While he was there he got a few pics
 that I want to show you.
The pics were taken in Town town Stockholm
 A Bike Yarn Bombed!
He wanted to show were the bike was.
I love the Architecture.



This is a Place Called the "Ice Bar"
made completely out of ice.

I have got to get started on Some Fun 
projects with this new yarn.

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