Thursday, September 4, 2014

Red Heart Boutique Rigoletto - Yarn Review

Today's Blog is a Yarn Review 
Of a Yarn I just discovered
 when I was out shopping last week.
I was looking for some wooden buttons
 and happened
 to look up and see this soft sparkly yarn
I Only saw these 3 colors. So I bought them!
 When I got home I checked the webpage and
 saw that it also comes in
I wish you could feel this yarn.
It is soft and  fluffy, 
as well as very Sparkly.

Here is a Video 
I used From Red Heart
To make scarves.

I made all 3 of these Circle Scarves in 1 hour.
I used the whole skein of yarn and
 it makes a really long scarf.
I tie the ends together for a circle scarf.

Then I can double it around if I want too.

What an elegant touch it gives to any outfit.
Red heart you get 5 hearts 
from me on this yarn.

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