Friday, September 12, 2014

The Everyday Shawls - The Easiest Shawl pattern Ever!

I am still getting lots of Questions 
about Yarn choices for the Everyday Shawls.
So Today I am doing a comparison of my 
2 Shawl Designs
You can find the Free Crochet Pattern at these links:


Both patterns are extremely easy.

No fancy stitches or tricky techniques.
I put the skill level at easy,
But really these are both beginner patterns.
And if there are any questions,
there is a Step by step,

As far as size, you keep repeating
 the steps and you can make 
this shawl as big as you want!

Now to the subject of Yarn.
You can do both patterns using
 ANY Yarn you wish. 
Make sure you are 
using the hook the yarn calls for.
And again, the smaller the hook and yarn, 
the more rows you will need to do.
If you are using a different yarn 
then the pattern calls for, 
the amount of  yarn will be different too.

I hope this has answered 
some of your questions.

The Every Day Shawl 
PDF Download Here
The Every Day Shawl WW Yarn 
PDF Download Here

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