Thursday, November 6, 2014

A Beanie Hat For My Cookie Jar

I had to Run to Hobby Lobby
 for a few buttons, baubles and yarn, 
for some orders.
As I passed the Christmas Department, 
I saw a Display of Cookie Jars, 
shaped like Dogs.
I Looked Through them and 
found only 1 Chihuahua.
Then I saw the 50% off Sign!!!
So I bought it.

I named him Jingles
As cute as his red boots, 
and Christmas scarf are,
 Jingles still looked like 
something was missing.

So I made his a 
Fun Christmas Beanie hat.
I actually used my 
And it worked perfectly.

I used a Variegated Christmas yarn,
 then added a white furry trim 
and pompom.
I Love it!!!
Jingles looks great and 
is sitting on my sidebar, 
in the dinning room, 
waiting for the rest of the 
Christmas decor
to be unpacked and put up.

If you would like the Crochet pattern 
for the Chihuahua Basic Dog Beanie Hat
you can find it Here.

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