Sunday, November 9, 2014

Dog Lover - Crochet pattern Treasury

The Dog Lover is a very special person.
Like me, I Love my pooches and
 love all things about dogs.
 And, I am a sucker for anything 
with a chihuahua on it.

So I have put together a collection of 
Fun things that dog lovers can make, 
or you can make for them.

These are perfect for Christmas, 
Birthdays or any days!

These are all my Patterns and my Photography.
Just click the name of the Pattern you want to see.

These are some really fun ideas 
for you to make for the people
 in your life who love dogs, 
or for yourself. 
Most of these are pretty quick 
to stitch up, too.
So have fun!
Maximo giving me puppy kisses, 
and Rosie Photo bombing!

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