Saturday, November 29, 2014

Christmas Cowl of Leftovers

Christmas Cowl of Leftovers
By Sara Sach of Posh Pooch Designs

I was going through my plastic tub of Christmas yarn.
 I have several balls of yarn leftovers  from various Christmas projects. And as I played with them, I thought, "Oh this one
 or that one would make a nice Christmas cowl".

Some are Sparkly, some are furry, some are plain. 
I love all sorts of textures and colors of yarn.

Then I thought, "I'll crochet a cowl with them all!"
So I did.

So here is what I did.
You need to think more like an artist on this project. Relax and let your creative juices flow.
And although, This Cowl is designed with Christmas Yarns, you can make this with any yarn leftovers you have on hand.

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Okay, lets get started!
This Cowl is stitched in rounds.
I will not be giving the yarn color changes.

as I just used up what I had, and changed colors, 
when I ran out of each color.

Christmas Cowl Crochet Pattern By Sara Sach

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Skill: Easy

Materials -
Hook - K / 6.5 MM
Left over Yarns of Various weights, colors and textures.
All Worsted Weight yarns(4) are stitched with 2 strands held together.
All Chunky yarn is stitched single strand.(5 or 6)
The fun fir is stitched with 2 strands.

Chain ( ch)
Single Crochet ( sc)
Skip ( sk)

Size: About 27 Inches around, and 6 inches tall.

R: 1 - With 2 strands of any WW(4) yarn, Ch 81, join in a circle,
 being careful not to twist the ch.

81 chs = about 27 inches,
 If you want a longer cowl add chs in increments of 3.
3 ch = 1 inch

R: 2 - 1 sc in each ch around, join ( 81sc)

Stitch Count will be 81 through out the rest of the project.

R: 3 - From here on out, do not join. 
*ch 1, sk the next st, 1 sc in the next st*
Repeat From * to * around.

The Rest of the Cowl is stitched in the round without Joining.

R: 4 - *ch 1, sk the next st, 1 sc, in the next sc*
Repeat From * to * around.

Make sure you st the scs in the scs, for the pattern to look right.
It gives it a little bit of a ribbing effect.

R: 5-20 - Repeat R : 4

This will make your Cowl About 6 inches Wide, If you want your cowl wider,
 just add more rows.

R: 21 - For a furry trim, With 2 strands of fun fur, 
or 1 strand ww and 1 strand of fun fur.

1 sc in each st around, join this row for a nice even trim.
tie off and weave in all your ends.

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I think this cowl is so festive and fun!!
What a fun way to use up some of
 those left over yarn scraps!
And you can Make this Cowl in any colors for a cowl you can wear any time of year.

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