Monday, November 3, 2014

Dog Hoodies - Crochet patterns or Custom Made

 The leaves are falling,
 the breeze is blowing.
time for warm beverages and chili.
There is a briskness in the air.
That means it is Hoodie time.
For you and for your pets.

all these hoodies will work perfect
 for our feline friends, too

I have put together a collection of
My Hoodie patterns

These are all 
Dog Hoodies
and Photo are all taken by me also.
I have the best Dog Models!
1. Two Color Dog Hoodie

2. Sports Team Hoodie

3. Animal Ears Hoodie
( 3 ear styles)

4. Sock Monkey Hoodie 
with applique

5. Christmas Sparkle Dog Hoodie

6. Colorado Hoodie - With and 
Without the Ruffle

7. Dog Hoodie With Fur trim

8. Spring Hoodie - with and without
the ruffle

You can find the Crochet patterns in my

If you want a Hoodie Custom made
For your Pooch
You can order that From my 

Please note when ordering a 
custom made hoodie.
You can choose any colors you want.
And the hoodie can be  made 
to your dog's measurements.

If you have any questions,
 You can contact me by using 
the contact tab above.

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