Sunday, November 16, 2014

Dog Bone Christmas Stocking - RE- Release Free Crochet Pattern

I am re- releasing this 
Christmas Stocking Crochet pattern.
Dog Bone Shaped Christmas Stocking. 
It was previously a paid pattern, 
and I am making it Free here on my Blog -
I have made them many times
 for others, and for myself.
It is a pretty easy crochet pattern,
and fun to make in different colors of yarn.

I have sold many of the patterns,
But wanted to make it free, 
because it is used for a lot of  different 
Dog Rescue Fund raisers this time of year.

I also have a Paw print Stocking 
that I will be re -releasing
next week,
As a Free Pattern on the Blog, as well.

 Dog Bone Christmas Stocking Crochet pattern
 By Sara Sach

Please, Add This Crochet pattern to Your

Skill - Easy

Materials -
Hook - size H
yarns- Worsted Eight ( 4) 1 skein - 7 oz, 
Small amount of red for ribbon
I used - I Love this Yarn  Sparkle - White, and Red
Chain                          ch
Slip stitch                     sl st
Double Crochet          dc
Half Double Crochet  hdc

Size - 

Measures Approximately 12 inches long By 8 inches at the widest part.

Make 2 - Front and back

R: 1 - Ch 21, starting in the second ch from the hook,
 7 dcs, 6 scs, 7 dc, ch 2 turn

R : 2 - Dc in second ch from the hook , dc in each st, 
2 dc in last dc , ch1 turn

R : 3 - 1 dc in each st, ch 2, turn

R : 4 & 5 : repeat row 3

R :  6 - Skip first st, dc in each st, sl st in the last stick, tie off.

R : 7  - Count in 4 sts, and re-attach yarn, 15 dc, 
leaving the last 4 un-worked, ch 2 turn

R : 8 -15 dc, ch 2 turn

R : 9-13 : Repeat Row 8, tie off

R : 14 - Ch 3, attache with a sl st, to the top right side of the bone,
 1 sl st in each dc across row, ch 4, turn

R : 15 -  Starting at the second ch from the hook, 
dc in each ch, ss ch, then ch 2

R : 16  -  Dc in second ch from the hook, dc in each dc across row,
 2 dc in last dc, ch 1, turn

R : 17 - Dc in each dc, ch 1, turn

R: 18 - Repeat Row 17

R:  19  - Skip first st, dc in each dc, sl st in last dc, ch 2 turn

Row 20 : Skip 1st 2 sts, 7 dc, 6 sc, 7 dc, sl st in last st, fasten off.

Put the two bones together,  sc around the bone starting at the top right side.
 Sc around the top opening of the stocking, 
then ch 12 and attach the chain to the top left side for a hanger.

To make the Ribbon : With Red Sparkle Yarn , or sparkle yarn  of your choice.
Ch 65, 1 hdc in each ch, ch 1 turn
1 hdc in each hdc, tie off, work in ends.

Lay the ribbon out in a cross bow pattern. 
Cut a 24 in piece of yarn and wrap it tightly around the center of the cross
 to form the center of the bow. tie tightly and attach to the Dog bone stocking.
Here is a picture of a Custom order I did, 
of 3 Dog Bone Stockings
 with paw prints.

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