Monday, February 23, 2015

Chunky Knit Dog Collar Free Knitting Pattern | Posh Pooch Designs

Rosie Bell Loves to model!
 It has been snowing for 2 days. 
I do not mind, I love the snow 
and it does not stop us from getting out.
It is so beautiful and 
sparkles like tiny diamonds.

Do You love or hate snow?

Maximo Loves to Model, too.
See his smile!
I was playing with some 
left over chunky variegated yarns, 
and designed a fun Dog Collar.
And I want to share it 
with you today.
I designed this collar for any size dog,
Cat, pet or even human!

Chunky Knit Dog Collar  - Knitting Pattern
By Sara Sach
Rosie's collar

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Skill: Easy

Knitting needles - Straight Needles US13 - 9mm
Yarn - Chunky (6)  - 15 yards - more or less depending on size.
            I used Charisma By Michaels
Yarn Needle
Tape measure

Stitches and Terms:
Cast On - (CO)
Bind Off - ( BO)
Knit - (k)
Purple - (p)
Together (tog)
Make 2 (M2)

Gauge/Measuring/Sizing - 3 sts=1inch

Getting Started:
Measure your Dogs Neck, add 1 inch.
dog neck is 9 inches+1= 10 inches

R : 1 - Cast on 3 sts per inch + 1 inch( 3 sts)
Add or subtract sts in 3 st increments.
For a 9 inch dog neck cast on  27 sts + 3 = 30 sts.

R : 2 - k 1st 2 sts, *ktog the next 3 sts, m2*
Repeat from * to * across, k the last 3 sts
close up of the collar

R : 3 - p all sts,

R : 4 - k all sts

If you want the collat thicker, just repeat 
R : 3 and R : 4 until the thickness you desire.

R : 5  - BO odd leaving a 12 in tail of yarn.
Place the ends tog, Use that tail of yarn to
Sew the ends together.
Maximo's Collar
See how easy that is.
It is super Easy to make and a fun 
way to use of your left over yarns.
You could even use 2 strands 
of WW(4) yarns
for a really interesting look.

I love a slip on decorative collar
 for my pooches.
They love them too.
It is a way for added warmth, 
they stay on and 
there are no buttons, 
Velcro or buttons to fuss with.

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