Saturday, February 7, 2015

Coyotes At Our House | Posh Pooch Designs

We live around lots of wildlife.
 We see deer, bunnies, skunks, raccoons,
 hawks, owls and even Foxes.
Oh and an occasional Bald Eagle.
And, Although there are Coyotes around,
 I hear them, but rarely see them.
All the photos in this blog where taken by me.
Well, This coyote came in my front yard last evening.
I think he was looking for a  
snack of my chihuahuas.

He is beautiful. All thick and furry with his winter coat.
The thicket that he is standing in front of, is usually
 loaded with lots of bunnies.
 I think they have eaten them,
 because the bunnies are gone.
I decided to see if I could see the coyotes tracks
 in the snow in the front yard.
I was a little freaked out to see the
 coyote tracks near my Chihuahuas tracks.
They were made at different times. But still scary.
These coyotes are huge!
At first I thought it was a wolf.

 They should be, they have eaten all the bunnies!
I heard on the news that this is mating season. 
and they are unusually vicious during this time.
 Do not approach them. 
No problem.
 I will admire their beauty from a far.
The Front of our house still has a snow, 
so I snapped this shot before it melted.
Still a little freaky.
Most of the Snow is melted on this side of the house.
Definitely gonna keep an very close eye on my Furbabies.

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