Thursday, February 19, 2015

Wedding Dog Collars - Free Crochet Pattern - Posh Pooch Designs

After I released the 
I was asked about a crochet Pattern 
for a dog collar 
with a Tulle flower.
She wanted a little glitz
 without the whole sweater.

This is what I came up with.
And She loves it.
Our Dogs and cats have become 
very important in our 
parties and  special events.
So let's give them something
 fancy to wear.!

The collar is for ANY SIZE 
dog, cat or any pet.
Once you make it your dog's neck size, 
it just slips on and off.
no Velcro, buttons, hooks or snaps,
to get caught in their fur.

I used White and Light Blue yarns,
But you can make it in the colors of 
your wedding or special occasion.

And it whips up really quickly!

Wedding Dog Collar Crochet Pattern
By Sara Sach

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Skill - Super Easy

Materials -
Crochet Hook - H
Yarn - Worsted Weight ( 4) White and Blue
I used Red Heart Super Saver I had in my yarn stash
4  - 9 inch Circles of White tulle 
Button - 1.5 inch White heart or button of choice
White sewing thread and needle
Yarn needle
Tape measure

Stitches -
Chain  (ch)
Half Double Crochet (hdc)
Skip ( sk)
Slip Stitch ( slst)

Sizing - 3 chs = 1 inch

Measure you dog's neck

Pattern -
R : 1 - With Blue yarn, ch as many chs as needed for
 your dog's neck size , 3 chs = 1 inch,  3 ch.( counts as 1st hdc, ch1)

My dog's neck is 10 inches, so I chained 30 +3= 33 chs

R : 2 - 1 hdc in the 4th ch from the hook,
*ch 1, sk the next ch, 1 hdc in the next ch* 
Repeat From * to * Across ch

R : 3 - Change to White yarn -
 *ch4, sk next st, sl st in the next st*
Repeat from * to * Across row,
 then working on the opposite side of the row
Continue to Repeat  From * to *,
Join to the 1st ch 4, leaving a 12 inch tail of yarn.

Put the 2 ends together and using the yarn tail sew them closed securely.

Tulle Flower - Placing all 4 of your 9 inch circles together,
gather the Center and sew securely, sew onto collar,
then fluff the layers of the tulle.

Crochet flower -
With Blue yarn, ch 2, 6 hdc in the 2nd ch from the hook,
 join with a slst,
 *Ch 4, sl st in the next st*, Repeat From * to * around,
for 6 flower petals, join to 1st ch4, and tie off.

Sew your Button in the center of the flower,
 then sew to the center of the Tulle flower.
Free Bowtie Crochet pattern
 can be found Here- 

Spring is for weddings!
Be sure to include your pets in all the 
Wedding planning.

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