Monday, February 2, 2015

Washcloth Pattern - Free Knitting Pattern for Beginners | Posh Pooch Designs

A Sweet Friend of mine that is learning to knit, 
 asked if I had a knit pattern for a washcloth.
She wanted more of a face cloth size, 
not a regular size washcloth.
I did not have one, only crochet ones.
I directed her to some knitting patterns
 but she wanted something a little smaller.
She gave me a crocheted one that was 
about the size she was looking for.
She said it is the perfect size
 for washing a baby.

Since she is a beginner,
 I designed a beginner wash cloth.
 It is nothing fancy
 and I am sure has been done before,
But this is what I came up with.
A 9 X 9.5 basic knit wash cloth
I loved it so much I made a 
bunch to put in my guest bathroom.

I tie pretty ribbon around them,
With a thank you note for guests.
They are the perfect size 
for taking off your makeup, 
washing your face, or washing a baby.
And for washing my furbabies.

Beginner Knit Washcloth - Knitting pattern
 By Sara Sach

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Skill- Beginner

Materials -
Long Straight Knitting Needles- US10-6mm
Yarn - Worsted Weight (4) Cotton
I used Peaches and Cream I had on hand

Stitches and Terms:
Cast On (CO)
Bind Off (BO)
Knit (k)
Purl (p)

Measures - 9 X 9.5 inches

Note- This is such a basic pattern,
By changing the number of sts you CO,
 you can make the washcloth bigger or even smaller.

R : 1 - Co 31 stitches, k all sts
R : 2-7  -k all sts
R : 7 - k 1st 3 sts, p next 25 sts, k last 3 sts
R : 8 - k all sts
R : 9-41  - Repeat R7 and R : 8, alternating rows
R : 42 - k all sts
R : 43-47 - k all sts
R : 48 - BO, weave in ends

Blocking - I prefer to spray block the wash cloths.
This is also the perfect take along project. Just throw
 some cotton yarn in your bag, and your needles, 
and you can make several in an hour.

This is the perfect pattern for beginner knitters
 to practice a few basic stitches 
and make something you will be proud to show off.

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