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Striped Dog Bandanna Free Knitting Pattern | Posh Pooch Designs

Striped Dog Bandanna 
Free Knitting Pattern
This is a fun knitting pattern to 
make for your dog, cat or any pet.

 The pattern has 3 sizes included.
Small-6-12 inch neck
Medium 13-16 inch neck
  Large 17-22 inc h neck

These are a fun way to keep your pooches neck
 warm and have a stylish bandanna.

Wouldn't these be adorable 
in sports team colors!

Striped Dog Bandanna Knitting Pattern
By Sara Sach

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Skill- Easy

Materials -
Long Straight Knitting Needles- US10-6mm
Yarn - Worsted Weight (4) about 30 yards
            I used Red heart Supersaver
Yarn Needle

Stitches and Terms:
Cast on (CO)
Bind Off (BO)
Knit (k)
tog - together
Decrease ( dec)

Pattern has 3 sizes Small( Medium, Large)
S -2-15 lbs, M-16-30, L 31-50 lbs

Stripes -
The Stripes are made by changing yarns every 5 rows.

CO 50(65,80) sts

R : 1 - k all sts

R : 2 - p all sts

R : 3 - k all sts

R : 4 - p all sts

R : 5 - BO 1st 15(20,25) stitches, k the rest of the sts across row,
(35,45,55 sts left on needle)

(Change color yarn for 1st stripe)

R : 6 - BO 1st 15(20,25) stitches, k the rest of the sts across row,
(20, 25, 30 sts left on needle)

R : 7 - k all sts

R : 8 - P all sts

From here on out you will decrease on all p rows.

R : 9 - p tog 1st 2 sts, p the next  16(21,26) sts, p tog last 2 sts

R : 10 - k all sts

(Change color yarn for 1st stripe)

R : 11 - p tog 1st 2 sts, p 14(19,24) sts, p tog last 2 sts

R : 12 - k all sts

Continue to repeat R : 11 and R : 12,  
Stitching 2 dec every other row till you have only 2 sts on the needle.

k tog the last 2 sts tog, BO and weave in your ends.

Spray Block the bandanna.
The Collar portion is supposed to be rolled or curled.
I have a bunch of other bandanna patterns  
and similar patterns planned, 
so keep checking back 
to see all the new releases.

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