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Striped Pom Pom Hat Free Knitting Pattern | Posh Pooch Designs

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This knitting pattern is a super easy pattern, 
And It works up really fast.
This Knitting pattern also, gives a new knitter
 a chance to practice, 
Ribbing, Garter Stitch and Stockinette stitch. 
and have a fun hat to wear. 
But  it is also fun  project for any skill knitter.

I also think This would look great on a boy or girl.
 The Purple and pink make it look girly,
 But changing the colors will make it work for anyone.

It has 4 sizes includes- 
 Infant, Child, Youth and Adult.

Striped Pompom Hat Knitting Pattern
 By Sara Sach

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Skill : Easy

Long Straight knitting needles-UD10.5 - 6.5mm
Yarn - Worsted Weight (4) 4 oz
            I used Red Heart Super Saver - Pink-C1, Purple-C2
Yarn needle

Stitches and Terms:
Cast On (CO)
Bind Off (BO)
Knit (k)
Purl (p)

Sizes : 4 sizes - infant ( child, Youth, Adult) parenthesis
            14 inches - Infant
            16inches - Child
            18 inches - Youth 
            20 inches - Adult 

Notes: The hat is stitched length wise
 and then, sewn together on the sides.

R : 1 - CO 20(26, 30, 36) sts.
      The amount of stitches remain the same throughout the project.
R : 2 - *k2, p2* Repeat  from * to * across row
R : 3 - 6 - Repeat R : 2( ribbing)
R : 7 - Change to C2, leaving C1 attached, k across
R : 8-13 are  stitched in stockinette st.
         (k 1 row, p 1 row repeat)
R : 14 -19- Switch back to C1, Stitch rows in Garter st
       ( k all rows)

Repeat R : 8-14 , 3 times for infant and child,
                            4 times for youth and Adult

R : With C2, 20 - 25 - Repeat R: 8-13

R : With C1, 26 - *k2, p2* Repeat  from * to * across row
R : 27 - 30 - Repeat R : 2 (ribbing)
R : 31 - BO

Fold The hat  in half, wrong side out, line up the edges,
Sew the sides together with matching yarn.
Weave in all your ends.  Flip right side out.

Make a pom pom for each 
corner of the hat. and attach them.
Click This link:
If you need to know how to make a easy pompom.
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